Injuries to the mouth can vary from crown, root, or jaw fractures to teeth getting knocked out (avulsion).  The best course of action for a tooth getting knocked out (avulsion), is to put it back in the socket immediately.  Milk or saliva can work temporarily to store a tooth.  With all trauma, it is critical to be seen immediately.  Dr. Tutwiler will reposition and stabilize your tooth.  Root canal treatment is usually started within 1 to 2 weeks of the injury and a medicine placed inside your tooth.  After signs of healing, the root canal will be completed.  A CBCT 3-D image is recommended for teeth that receive trauma.  

An injured permanent tooth in a child presents a unique situation as the root may not be completely formed.  An endodontist may need to complete a partial root canal (apexogenesis) or full root canal (apexification) to save the tooth.  These procedures allow for your child to retain their permanent tooth.